Paper craft & art work

Sharing some of my paper art and craft work. Table organiser made from waste wedding cards. 2. Peacock gift packaging.   3. Lotus gift packaging. 4. Doodle art 5. Funny Greeting card 6. Husbands Portrait     Hope you like the work. Thank you.

Mobile apps that control “Social Networking”

To my own surprise I am writing this article. Yes I felt the need. It’s difficult to concentrate these days in this fast paced life where everyone is rushing to achieve something or the other, this social media has all the more made life more complicated. Despite merits, its overuse is marring the very essence … More Mobile apps that control “Social Networking”

The “F” Word

There is one such issue on which every person always wishes to speak, write, share and discuss.This is that topic on which I have been thinking to write something for many years.In idealistic situation, I should have completed this article 3 years back, but real life has its own limitations.I have thought about it many … More The “F” Word

Movie Review – Pyar ka Punchnama 2

The sequel  of pyar ka punchama, is like the 2nd generation operated AC restaurant of any popular highway dhaba. While it tries to retain its menu, taste and specialties,more often than not,the warmth and simplicity gets lost in the translation.Food still remain the center stage but now more glamorous interiors, polished waiters and global cuisine … More Movie Review – Pyar ka Punchnama 2

Lessons from Politics !!!!

And some lessons from the world of politics !!!! Just read them , but don’t learn them !!! A new investment product is out in market.Rajya for rs 100 crore….free residence in delhi……..unlimited reimbursement of bills…full investment protection…a guaranteed return of at least 100% every taxation liability…no registration hassles…no inflation issues…phele aao … More Lessons from Politics !!!!

Marriage Mantras

Marriage has thought me some mantras..Sharing some of them !! The catering expenses of your marriage is the cumulative bill of all the dinner you had at others marriage from the time of your birth….swarg narak kuch nahi hota….yahan ke karam yahi bhugatne padte hain….. 😉 Any warning given by husband to wife is like … More Marriage Mantras

Planning Mother

Every morning there’s a new inhibition & anxiety That takes birth in various forms. One day I feel am having symptoms And another day I think I am just imagining it. Every month there’s a new hope But only gives birth to a new upward anxiety slope. False hope is like a mirage That’s increasingly, … More Planning Mother


This movie is today’s story, where parents in every second household want to make their kid a scientist, doctor, lawyer or probably a CA just like me. But there comes a point in life where we things pause and breaking the race, me and vaid (ranbir kapoor) pull ourselves out of monotonous life. Live the … More Tamasha