Happy Teachers Day!!

Everyday there’s a new teacher in my life to whom I wish to thank. I learn and relearn from every person around me. At office I not only learn from my juniors and seniors but also from that clerk who does the daily chores at office and at home not only from my family members but also from my maid (for that matter she yesterday taught me a trick to cut vegetables fast).  But there are few special ones whom I like to thank on this teachers day for making me whatever I am today.


Aarti Mam (Hindi Teacher) – I still reminisce in 8th class when Aarti mam selected me for the biggest Hindi elocution among 450 girls representing 450 schools and how unsure and nervous I was to participate. After all I had lost last year in English elocution, I was sure I will lose again and that’s why I thought of backing out. But Aarti mam was very persuasive and to my surprise she sent me out of her class to practice and at the end of her lecture I spoke in front of the class, this continued for a week. None of my class members interrupted or laughed at me (I guess they were all instructed by her); that boosted my moral and brought back my lost confidence. On the D-day, I made my school proud by standing 3rd. All thanks to her persuasion and belief in me that I have become such confident speaker today.

Annie Mam (English Teacher)–  Everyone in school called me “indepandaant girl” because while reading a chapter in history lecture in 8th class I pronounced independent as “indepandaant”, of course I resonated with my classmates and told “ i have cold it’s just slip of tongue”. I was cheating myself by hiding behind the reason as I did have accent and grammar problem. This incident motivated me to pay attention on my English and my love for this language then and till date knows no bound. Thanks to annie mam for paying extra attention in staff room (during her break) for solving my queries. Today I dedicate this article to her.

Sandhya Mam (Hindi & Marathi Tuition teacher)- Well Sandhya Mam not only help me score very nice marks in the above languages but also helped me bring discipline towards studies in 10th class and also taught me how to deal with people. I still remember she once told “always be like that lotus in that dirty mud water”. This line holds very close to my heart as it still helps me dealing with people as I am an HR manager today.

Last but not the least a person who was a teacher from the day I was born and will always be throughout my life. Protective, possessive, educative, listener, guiding light, patient, persuasive, smart, honest, non-judgmental, mad, intelligent, confident, etc. my words might fall short but not my feelings for this special person. Whatever I am today it’s because of my sister (Didi).

!! Happy teacher’s day!!

didi and me


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