Make anger work for you not against you!!

According to National Crime Records Bureau, 44% of arrested criminals belong to the age group of 10 to 30 years, which is `youth’ (As per 2011 Statistics). Youth today is impatient, angry, arrogant, stressed, insecure, angry, etc.  Now the question is where is it coming from?? It’s coming from the environment we create for kids at very early age. Some of the recent circumstances that came in lime light have also questioned our very upbringing strongly. That’s why, today more than old people youth are in need of therapies, counselors, anger management classes, etc.

Anger in itself is neither good or bad it’s how you deal with it that matters. We have a natural tendency to take anger as a wild negative emotion but research finds that anger also has its positive side. What if we are able to channelize our anger creatively without any of the anger management tools??

1.Anger as a motivating force- When somebody or something annoys  you or challenges you, don’t back answer or go mad on the situation or person. Rather calm down for that moment and redirect this anger into positive energy and use it in your work and let your work speak for you.

2.Anger can strengthen relationships- When we hide our anger, opposite person doesn’t know they’ve done something wrong. And so they keep doing it. And that doesn’t do your relationship any good. The expression of anger, if justifiable and aimed at finding a solution rather than just venting, can actually benefit and strengthen relationships.

3.Anger provides self insight- When angry, we always see others at fault or situations at fault and sometimes we also play a self-blame game. It’s important to re-think about the situation ones again and help us to know ourselves better. Forgive and forget, not only others but yourself too.

4.Anger teaches you empathy- It can be better understood with an example – There’s a car whose breaks are broken and is driving on the wrong side and you are unaware about break failure and it’s coming towards you, what would u do?? Keep moving and get angry about it or empathize and take a side and let the car go.

5.Anger can help you become social- World would be a better place if we complete with each other, rather than resenting it , cultivating a grudge, then bickering over it to 10 people in order to collect sympathy and then eventually becoming a bitch.

6.Anger can make you creative-  When angry divert your anger to do something creative that makes you happy like dancing, singing, playing an instrument, writing poems, drawing, etc. and the results will surprise you.

7.Anger makes your tough task easy- When angry we are full of energy and we can use this energy to complete your task at hand like house chores, sports, outdoor games, walking, cycling, typing, writing,  etc.

Life is full of choices and choose the right one!! It depends on you whether you want anger to be your slave or otherwise !!



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