8th July 2014

After visiting India’s one of the cleanest city, Mysore in Karnataka we were so mesmerized by its beauty that we spoke about it throughout the road trip to our next destination to Wayanad, which is the only district in Kerala that borders both the neighboring state Karnataka and Tamilnadu;

We had read a lot about untouched beauty of Wayanad, and so we planned to pay a visit to this undiscovered place. While entering the district we were welcomed by green beauty all around us, which was so in tune with those insects and birds who were busy playing their own music.

But this beautiful journey came to an end as we reached the lodge, although I preferred a hotel over a lodge but I agreed on my husband’s insistence. That day, we visited wildlife sanctuary at Kuruva island, Kalpetta and Edakkal caves which is 25 km from Kalpetta. Day came to a beautiful end, as we slept unaware about what’s in store for the next day.

9th July 2014

Although I wasn’t very excited to visit lodge owners (his) farm as am hell scared of snakes and insects but still managed to wake up early at 6.15am. Around 6.30am we were welcomed by morning mist at the pond and the view was magically beyond words. As we clicked some pictures, sun broke in through the mist and we immediately realized we should have come little early. Before we left from the pond to visit rice and banana farms, he mentioned inhabitance of a 10ft long crocodile since 25 to 30 years which surely gave me goose bumps.

En route farms, I came face to face with my fear as I saw snake holes everywhere but I was happy to avoid it during the visit. On this journey, we learnt so much about farming and visited every corner of the farm. But what fascinated me was excitement in the lodge owner’s voice when he said “I will make you meet my farmers who work on farm”.

He started introducing us with all the farmers who worked on farm.

And finally he called her “Kaveri Ammaaaaaa !!”, who quickly dressed her best smile and kept her sickle aside as she stood up gracefully with the help of a thick long stick to greet us. He introduced her and said “She’s our very first farmer aged around 55yrs and the oldest one who has worked on his farm since 25 years now”. Words “25yrs” showed me stars in the daylight.

The silver haired woman was wearing a pale blue sari which was tucked high at her waist. I had never seen such simplicity and style together ever before. Our language was not a barrier as she spoke with her bright confident smile and eyes.

She warmly invited us to her humble cottage to meet her family. Before bidding goodbye, she gave the most amazing pose to the camera, her hand was below her chin and other one holding the stick as if she wanted to say ‘I am still beautiful, click my picture” and I felt as if I just had a photograph with a movie star.

As I share this picture with you guys it reminds me of the quote “Confidence in oneself makes us beautiful”. That day I saw Mother Nature this close which was like meeting god in person and then I understood why kerala is called “Gods Own Country”. In this unexpected journey, I found a rare jewel named “Kaveri Amma”.



4 thoughts on “KAVERI AMMA

  1. Honestly, the title lured me into reading this blog .”Kaveri Amma” of the movie Swades ,Kaveri Amma of Wayanad and many Kaveri Amma’s out there in the unknown hidden landscapes show us how simple ,beautiful and happy life can be . Your blog potrayed just that perfectly.

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  2. Like Kerala, your write up is mesmerizing too.. I could imagine every sentence you wrote.. Very beautifully described through words chosen carefully.. Keep up!

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