I see Humans but…

Source: I see Humans but…

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Despite India having a secular Constitution , Indians remains strikingly unequal . The recent #meatban due to Jain community festival highlights inequality in highest form. The Swetambar sect of Jainism asked for a 7 day meat ban which finally got a nod for 4 days. The Digamber sect is yet to appeal as their Annual Festivals begins right after Swetambar sect’s. Hence the ban is open to get extended for another day or days .

Firstly let me tell you that being a Jain , I myself am a Vegetarian and I do not favour meat eating but I do not have any dis- respect towards meat lovers either. For me to eat or not to eat is a personal choice. The ban doesn’t affect me personally but it affects my freedom , it leads to me to think that I’m beginning to live in a theocratic country.

A country where we feel our religion practices are being violated when Human right activists appealed for Santhara Ban , We felt our age old ritual was being interfered  and called suicidal instead of being called holy & noble . We felt scared that they may further ban more of our sacrificial practices . For they dont understand that the road to salvation is through sacrifice. But we openly support to ban someone’s food without even thinking if we are violating their age old lifestyle. We forget to think that we are interfering in their “rozi roti” !

One day hundreds silently marched on the roads and protested to uplift Santhara Ban , can those crowds re-gather & collect funds to feed families of those who work/ own the slaughter houses while we easily restrict them from doing their jobs. Have we made any efforts in saving their livelihood ?  Why don’t the ones who brought the idea of #meatban give their one day earning to those whose shops they are force closing.

Yes you are being a hero by saving animals but at the same time you’re letting a family starve because of this ban. The butcher doesn’t slaughter because its fun or because he needs to vent out his frustration, He has an earning to do, a living to make. a duty to feed a family . Try asking any meat relishing person ,the butchering is as sickening to him as it is to a Vegetarian

At the same time , when they are dry days announced , we silently agree to give up on our liberties in the name of nation but we do not see that some nationals (aka politicians & media) of this same nation are creating a havoc when a certain community wants people to give up their liberties for a few more days on few more things. I’m forced to believe that these very nationals are still following the British old trait of Divide & rule. This issue certainly has created a lot of hatred from other communities towards people with a “Jain” surname & soon memes & trolls will also follow which truly saddens me.

In this race of bans , we forget that serving humanity can bring us even closer to salvation.Preaching non violence , making people understand the path of ahimsa , and probably making enough rations of jobs for butchers or by just being humble is a better duty to God than imposing and restricting people from living their lifestyle.

A petition and not enforcement will go a long way.  Ban inhumanity not someones livelyhood ! That’s why , I see humans but I don’t see Humanity.

Humanity is the biggest religion, everything else is man-made .


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