Stone age V/s. Modern age

I had this idea during my history class in  9th grade, what would it be like if stone age people happen to visit our earth today?? Will they be happy to see the development or mad about deforestation?? Then i never imagined to get it published until today, I welcome you all in my world of imagination!!


Welcome in our world forefathers,

thank You,  grandchildren !!

Dear, what is this mess,

this is cool, this isn’t a mess.

Though we came after you,

but we are who, who produced technology.

We made you better,

though we came to know latter.

Though you made technology,

though you made our lives comfortable.

We are the son of zoology,

so, please do keep away this technology label.

We gave you a luxurious life,

you didn’t even know how to use a knife.

We helped you break free from wandering,

and taught you life is all about experimenting.

Though you strived to make our life more comfortable,

but in this process, you made our life much more miserable.

Due to you is taking place deforestation

and its you, who don’t care for afforestation.

Don’t think yourself something great,

you are spoiling nature, date by date.

Don’t think of yourself too much, u nut,

though  u took us out of the urt.

We know we have done it in a way that’s wrong.

we agree with your wrong, though true.

Man should learn to live in balance,

because nature and technology, stands an equal chance!!

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