Movie Review – BahuBali –

Movie Review – BahuBali

Ever seen a Ghevar (sweet speciality from jaipur) being made,If you witness the hand movements of halwai or even try to have a look in the bowl, you will never be able to understand what is being exactly made..but wait for the final dish to appear, dip it in the sugar syrup and voila !!!! it feels like Heaven. Movie follows the same pattern, in the starting it looks like another south indian movie, with a rich producer, crazy passionate director and no logic whatsoever behind it…but slowly and steadily the magic grips you, the grandness mesmerizes you..and you are really zapped by the sheer scale of things going around you..This one is definitely not for the whatever you are doing folks, just leave it, rush to the cinema halls and watch it. P.S. it’s a fitting reply to people who think Indian Cinema cannot compete with the foreign films !!!! #bahubali #amazing #mustwatch


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