Movie review – Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Movie review – Bajrangi Bhaijaan –

Ever had green chili ice cream from Bachelorr’s (Bachelor Juice House)., Mumbai??? It is actually an ice cream but taste like chili, it is not what it is suppose to be and actually is what it is suppose to be not.

Movie brings up the same pattern, sallu movies are full of motions, but this was full of emotions, his movies are all about fighting, this is about infighting, any India-pak movie brings tension, this one spreads love, child actor are suppose to do chatar patar, but silence speaks louder this time,kareena is generally the most beautiful heroine in her movies,she is definitely not in this one, for that matter even adnan sami is suppose to look fat,woh bhi nahi hain….. In short, do watch the movie, it’s one in a lifetime change for an actor who is currently busy only in changing his court hearing date !!!!!


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