Movie Review – PK

Movie Review – PK

Soul is omnipotent, form is just a facade, and different forms are just diversions from reality….Yes we are talking about the God (and his infinite forms) !!!! Trust the God who has created you, rather than the god which is created by you. The movie which portrays character, can only be appreciated in the same light. PK (Aamir) and Jaggu (Anushka) are just forms which portrays charterer, but the real soul of the movie is Rajkumar hirani and it’s story. Appreciate the spirit and then you will definitely love the form.

It may not be the best from the stock from the duo-Hirani and Aamir and does become repetitive in the end, but it’s sheer concept and simple questioning style makes you ponder on some of  the basics which have been taught to us since ages.

P.s.  In all the religions, why do we shut our eyes while praying… Because God can never be found outside !!!!! Enjoy!!!!!


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