Movie review – Queen

Movie review – Queen

The movie is story of its heroine going through phases similar to characteristics of three most popular Indian politician currently…

First, Rahul baba stage – confused, mission less, and just chanting few words like honeymoon and Paris ( like rti and women empowerment)

Second, kejriwal stage – roaming, meeting people, exploring, making lots of noises, but seems to be vision less, don’t know where she is going…

Third- modi stage – defiant and at the end finding yourself, knowing what you stand for, however right and wrong it may be….

It’s a fabulous journey towards the most important, yet neglected, task in our life – finding oneself, and kangana steals the show all the way.. Big salute for her effortless acting… P.s. amit Trivedi -for last so many years I look forward towards your music, and you always rock, pura India thumkda… Don’t miss this movie..


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