Movie review – Shamitabh

Movie review Shamitabh (better late then never)

What is the most important ingredient of hot sizzling chocolate brownie ????….The very chocolaty brownie, the thandi thandi vanilla ice cream, or the hot sizzling chocolate sauce???? None of them alone seem that interesting, but all of them on a platter makes our taste buds wagging !!!! Movie is on the same concept, amitabh being the base chocolate brownie,dhanush being the cool vanilla ice cream, and akshara being the hot chocolate sauce which binds both of them…The dialogues are best ones in recent times and make you ponder.. It’s a movie which absorbs you and you will feel it effects even after moving out of the theater… In food terms, this chocolate brownie is as good as they serve in Cream Centre (Mumbai)…Go and relish it !!


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