Movie review – tanu weds manu returns…

Movie review – tanu weds manu returns…

Have you ever had double trouble from Mad over Donuts!!!! Then you will understand what I am going to say…. Tanu ( kangna) adds glamour to the movie and acts as an outer chocolate part on the donut, madhavan,jimmy shergil and specially pappi ji are like the inner dough part, which bind the movie together… But the most heavenly part in the donut, that is the inner flowing hot chocolate.. is performed by kusum ( kangna )… You have to actually see this movie to believe what she has done like you have to actually eat to believe the awesomeness of double trouble!!!! The movie does lose some pace in the second half, but kangna’s sheer energy roleplay and free flow will knock your senses off !!! Leave anything you are doing this weekend, and book your tickets !!!!!


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