Movie Review – Ugly

Movie Review – Ugly How will you feel if you get a mouth watering vada pav in Delhi, an amazing lassi in kerala or delicious rasam chawal in Amritsar ???? Astonished ??? Surprised ?? May not believe your luck as something like this was not expected ??? Same is the case with this movie, You really do not expect such classy stuff from bollywood,Mind boggling acting (no highly paid surnames), Gripping rhythmic story (without music),Real People,Real Life,Real drama, (no glossy makeover).Movie captivates you from the word go and intrigues you till the end.It definitely ranks as the best movie of this year alongside Queen and should be watched under any circumstances by a movie lover. It teaches the lesson that pre-conceived notions most of the times lead us nowhere and every case should be treated on its merit. Always have an open mindset, you never know when you can come across an appetizing Pyaz ki Kachori in Mumbai !!!


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