Movie Review- Agneepath

Movie Review- Agneepath

Watching Agneepath is like eating alone Dominoes Veg Extravaganza with Cheese burst and as many extra toppings as possible…Like Pizza has many ingredients , the movie has so many emotions (mom, sis, wife, father etc..) that the movie become an emotional melodrama leading to nowhere….Like while eating a big Pizza we tend to get frustrated in the end..same is the case with movie..Like the cheese burst flows through the whole violence does the same thing (you can actually watch the movie with closed eyes..dishum dhishum..thak thak..etc..)…Rishi Kapoor and Hritik impresses while sanjay scares…..Don’t take kids along..they might not be able to sleep…The movie is like a sentence which has beautiful words (acting) but no punctuation mark..At the end ..the sentence does not make sense…

January 27, 2012


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