Short Story – Republic Holiday

My first attempt at writing short, or rather very short story…Hope you all like it…

Bhai, kya plans for Republic day??, Aman asked Ajay… Kuch nahi yaar, Ek chutti aur mari gayi, It’s a Sunday….said Ajay, feeling as disappointed as young lover’s rejected proposal. Oye koi nai yaar, Big bazar has its sabse bada bachat sale and even Lifestyle and Central have 50% flat scheme, infusing some fresh life in the rejected Proposal. Then Let’s finalise it,Morning 11ish we can go for shopping,even babhi and alka would be happy,and end the day with Salman’s Jai ho, kya bolta hai, spoke aman with smiles as if finally that proposal has been accepted. Done hain bhai, Movie has got good reviews..Chal call you later.. Tum logo ke liye republic day ka yeh hi meaning hain, malls main ghumna, picture dekhna, bas republic day ke sms forward karna ,lekin desh ko yaad mat karna..thundered Vijay Roy, Ajay’s Father. Don’t you feel like remembering martyrs who gave thier life for the freedom you are enjoying today, But Papa, sounding like a rebel young lover fighting his lover’s dad, I will be going to CA Institute Flag hoisting ceremony in the morning and love for the nation can be observed every day in our hearts, why need a particular time to show it? Tum log to jo karna hain karo, main aur Jivan to yahi pe baith ke Republic Day parade dekhenge. Yes Dadu, enchanted Jivan…Left right Left…Kash independence day pe bhi parade hoti.. Both are different occasions beta, on one day we became Independent, on the other we became republic. But Dadu , what do you mean by republic, asked puzzled Jivan. See, before 26th January 1950, India had to follow rules left by Britishers. On this day, our own constitution was enforced, our own set of rules and regulations, our own way of life…It’s a celebration of our real independence, celebration of power to make own decisions..Today, you can do whatever you wish to do.… Asked a more puzzled Jiavn…. Then why you scold daddy today ??

By Naman Shrimal


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