Why you should write?


It was really difficult when I started because I didn’t even know what i really wanted from life. I was unaware of my directions so I spoke to my diary and today I have the best answers. Writing in my personal diary itself bought a lot of clarity in my life. It’s easier to chalk out directions when its written because then everything is crystal clear.

“Mind is like a horse on the run, tame the horse before it goes off track.”

Mind is a mother that doesn’t stop generating thoughts even if you are asleep. So only way to choose from thousands of thoughts is to catch the bull by its horns. ie. Write them down before they vanish.

So write everyday to catch those powerful thoughts and weed out the waste.

“Remember you are a writer because you writer”

Below is the list of observations that I felt while writing and hope it helps you too.

Here’s a quick why you should write:

  1. Writing clarifies your thoughts and picks and chooses the best ones from the lot.
  1. Writing makes you more creative as it knocks open untouched realms of your mind which is your “subconscious mind”.
  1. Writing makes you more observant and better listener. How?? When you write you start watching your words and you think before you write. You start listening to your raw thoughts as you pen them down.
  1. Writing improves your communication and writing skills. Communication gets better as you write as you start choosing you words wisely and you know what you “really” want to say.
  1. Writing brings confidence as you finally start to understand where you should veer your thoughts to as you start to know the right direction.
  1. Writing is pure work or art and expression which needs a lot of patience, which is a virtue well learnt through it.
  1. Writing opens up your heart and mind blocks of which you were unaware earlier and sets you free.
  1. Writing helps you take right decisions in all situations.

There are indeed thousands of reasons to “why you should write.” For every human being there’s a different reason that works. Find the reason that works for you which you will only know when you begin to write!!

So grab a pen and start writing !! Tell me if it works for you the same way it does for me. Inspire me !!

And if you have already started writing tell me a reason that makes you fall in love with it. Let’s begin!!


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