To begin is the most difficult part!!


Have you ever felt stuck when you badly want to begin something.

A person who’s planning to go to gym since long but hasn’t started yet, because he stuck from when? It’s your first day at new school and you don’t how to start talking and make new friends? It’s your board exams on your head, but you don’t know which subject to choose first? You want to learn something badly, something that you love soo passionately but u don’t know how to begin or from where to begin? You are living on your pension funds but you are longing to do business and you question yourself can I do it at this age? You have a brilliant business plan and you see all ideas popping up in your mind and next you see you are stuck again with one question from where should I begin??

Guess to begin has always been difficult no matter at what stage of your life you are at.

I was in 8th class when I started writing fairytales. By the end of first semester of 9th class I wrote 175 pages, but scored only 59% which was very low as I had always been a ranker. My father found my fairytale book and he tore my book into pieces. He was obviously mad due to my low scores and he thought it was due to this new interest I found in writing tales.

Well, kind of a person I am I don’t give up easily. To my own surprise I veered my anger creatively towards writing poems in 9th class; this not only gave me a space to express but also saved a lot of my time for studies. That day I didn’t realize how I am gaining from this situation until today as I not only learnt to re-direct my anger creatively but also learnt the art of writing. Guess whatever happens, happens for the best!!

Then in college, I got into studying Chartered accountancy which I can’t relate myself with till date. Why? I don’t know guess I just followed others and became the part of the herd to which everyone followed. But some had a success story to share and some were a failure and some like me who could be successful being a CA but always wanted to do something that he or she loves the most in life but didn’t know where to begin, so continued and stayed with the course.

“Today, India is a developing country which is evolving every day and the norm “percentage matters over practical experience or talent” is changing, thanks to soo many startups.”

When I wanted to recently start writing again and relive the dream I had forgone long back, I simply couldn’t. I was confused at this juncture of my life as didn’t know which path to choose that is right for me. I am an artist and I love to express whether it’s through drawing, creating, dancing or writing.

But in life you need to choose that one thing you like the most, as you can’t be like the saying goes “Jack of all trades and master of none.” So I made a choice to start writing and blogging. This time I knew only one thing “that I really wanna do something that I love.”

I chose writing over everything else, but didn’t know how to begin? I asked help from writers, friends, family and others. I was struggling with all sorts of questions like what, where and how to write? Eventually, things started solving on its own and cloud got clear slowly and I finally saw the sun shine.

After a number of failed attempts, I finally began my new blog“expressowords” and today I have become a writer. Today, I write for myself and I write to express. Initially, I didn’t knew how to become a writer, until I told myself “I write and so I have become one”.

So write like theres no tomorrow.

So write because you love to express.

So write until your hands are tired but not your brains.

So write because you love it.

So write because it inspires you.

Do what you love & Do it the best.


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