Marriage Mantras

Marriage has thought me some mantras..Sharing some of them !!

  1. The catering expenses of your marriage is the cumulative bill of all the dinner you had at others marriage from the time of your birth….swarg narak kuch nahi hota….yahan ke karam yahi bhugatne padte hain….. 😉
  2. Any warning given by husband to wife is like statutory warning on packets of cigarette…padhte sab hain,lekin bhav koi nai deta… Any warning given by wife to husband is like terms and conditions of life insurance policy/mutual fund…padhta koi nahi hain, but it costs you a lot…..
  3. I now know what people mean when they say you get “settled” post marriage…..i can know find all my stuff at right places (which was impossible in bachelorhood)….. 😉 a big thanks monika…..
  4. The people who keep saying to bride and groom “kya nikhar aya hai face pe shadi ke naam se…iska to cherha hi khil gaya shadi ki khushi main” forget that we have paid “beauty parlor and saloon bills”…..woh to ache acho ko hero heroine bana de…… 😉
  5. The only person who know all the “riti-riwaj”, all the rituals….is not your dadi…not your bhua…not any other aunty…not even panditji…..but one and only one “THE PHOTOGRAPHER”(also known as dictator…..)
  6. Apart from the blessings, gifts and various kind of happiness, there is one more important thing which marriage ensures – “facebook profile and cover photos for at least an year” change karte karte thak jaoge !!!!
  7. Your marriage is one big family circus where you are the JOKER….sab maje lutte hain and you keep thinking “kab khatam hoga yeh sab ?? ” 😉
  8. The big problem that marriage solves… receive tons of “beautiful” gifts which can be reused, repacked and recycled for forthcoming marriages, birthday parties, anniversaries, inauguration and every other invite which you get…it is like..iski topi uske sir……. 😉
  9. Life is very similar to marriage photoshoot for couple on stage On stage- thake hue ho ya nahi,mann ho ya nahi, photographer aapki photo “lete” rahega, log “aaspas” hanste rahenge….and you need to keep smiling….. In real life-sukh ho ya dukh….icha ho ya nahi…jindagi aapki “leti” rahegi…. log bhi “aap pe” hanste rahenge….and all you can afford to do is keep smiling…..
  10. What is the first thing which a guy and girl do post their marriage gets finalized (rokka/engagement)……. They add their fiances family members as FRIENDS on FB…..bhai,behan,papa ji, mummy ji, uncle ji,aunty ji……inne sare friends badh jate hain ek hi din main….. 😉
  11. Mahila sangeet – a function which fulfills everybody unfulfilled desire of participating in “indian idol” and “dance india dance”… part is..taliyan to bajti hi hain…chae kuch bhi karo….”once more bhaiya..once more”…..
  12. Train travelling… Pre marriage – you leave your seat and roam around seeing everybody else in train…… Post marriage- you stick to your seat and see those who are roaming (and remember those old days)……
  13. Understanding marriage is like deciphering stock market movements..nobody really can’t predict when it will go up or down…and when market closes,you develop reasons for whatevr has happened….
  14. Why is there so much anticipation for the “dulha-dulhan” dance in sangeet ( even if mostly they do the same repeated songs with same repeated steps) – for the couple- it is the only time they will be applauded like dance India dance finalist…. -for married people – they remember the good old times!!! ( Jo khaye pachtaye) -for bachelors – they make plans of their dreamy world ( Jo na khaye woh lalchaye ) And the last one -for people who have only come there to eat – they have got their best shot for next 10-15 minutes at the stalls!!!!!!
  15. The most important mantra – The rituals in marriage teaches the groom,lots of things for the future…the heavy clothes (specially saafa) you wear makes you aware of the heavy responsibility on your shoulders….the time taken for “mehendi” teaches you to have patience in dealing with tough situations….the “hathleva”(holding hands in phere) teaches that you should hold your bride till eternity…and the “sangeet” portrays that you have to dance to somebody else tunes now in life…. 😉

Hope you all like it !!!!

By Naman Shrimalimages


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