Lessons from Travelling

My work involves a lot of traveling and official traveling being so boring, gives me time to observe..Here is compilation of of some of them :

  1. Typical aunties found in train….
    1. The instructor types – the child dare go against the instruction of the mother.she knows all about what is where in luggage and when and what to eat.
    2. The indian idol types-believes that her child was not able to go to reality shows just because of sheet bad luck.use train as stage of the shows and think that the audience is in awe of her child.
    3. The poking nose types– she don’t care about the luggage or the child as long as she is getting to know from where is the other lady dress or which school the other child goes.
    4. The know it all types -you discuss something and pat comes the reply..sometimes more then one..options available.
    5. The shakki types – sees everybody with suspicion..things that you are speaking to your gf even if you talking to customer care..becomes deadly when traveling with young daughter.
  2. There are two category of kids for aunties in the train….one type is “kitna pareshan karte hain, kaise shaitan bachee hain yeh” and the other is their own kids…..whom they lovingly call as “natkhat hain yeh bada,kitni cute shaitani hain iski”……
  3. From distance I thought maybe they from some middle age ladies association,wearing make up ideally used by half their age, going in a crazy dress code fur some event organized in the city…however when they came closer they turned out to be..AIR INDIA air hostess…..know we know why the airline is messed up….
  4. Train travel + early morning + alarm ringing from past ten minutes + same tone as yours+ alarm ka malik not traceable = arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. From Jaipur to Bhilwara – 3 hours in train with two middle aged aunties – And I completely learnt what was happening in their FAMILY…Len-Den, Kisiki shadi main kitna mila,kitna diya, kaun khus hain , kaun udass, yeh aisa hain, yeh vaisa…. From Bhilwara to Jaipur – 2 hours in train with two middle aged uncles – And I completely learnt what was happening in the COUNTRY..modi ko kisne jitaya, maharna pratap ka show sahi ya galat, congress ab kya karegi… fultu entertainment….train ka paisa vasool…
  6. The most amazing part of traveling ‘not’ as a bachelor is that…….. Nobody asks you to move from this coach to that coach (infinite loops) to consolidate the family berths…
  7. Traveling with six college pass out, just joined call centre girls, just sitting across my seat in the train…I am having an indigestion of phrases like “awwwwwww”,” oh baby “,” you don’t know that “,”I hate politics”, “don’t tell me”,” oh com’on”,”babu”,”you don’t know that”,”woh sab to thik hain, but “,” yeh dunia aisi hi hain “,” I would be the happiest person to do so, but… “,” mere se to buttering hoti nahi hai ” and so on…. And obviously lots of selfie pouts and groupies !!!!!
  8. Devised a formula for time taken to do “PACKING” for traveling out of the city…
    1. Pre-marriage – 30 minutes or time taken to travel between home and railway station, whichever is LOWER….
    2. Post-marriage – 30 hours or actual travel time from home to destination city whichever is HIGHER….. 😉

Hope you guys liked reading it !!!! Let’s keep traveling together through this blogimages (1)


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