Lessons from Politics !!!!

And some lessons from the world of politics !!!! Just read them , but don’t learn them !!!

  1. A new investment product is out in market.Rajya sabha.seat for rs 100 crore….free car..free residence in delhi……..unlimited reimbursement of bills…full investment protection…a guaranteed return of at least 100% every year..no taxation liability…no registration hassles…no inflation issues…phele aao phele kamao.. Note- political investment is subject to election risk.please read the offer document correctly before investing..
  2. In 11th standard business studies, we studied that their should be balance between authority and responsibility…however our country’s managers do not understand it…. Farmers have right (authority) to get minimum support prices for their produce, but no responsibility to pay taxes… They have right to employment, but no responsibility to work… They have right to food, but no responsibility to grow more, politicians have authority to rule, but no responsibility to serve… this imbalance is hurting the country…
  3. A dangerous disease is currently spreading in India – Ticketophobia  – It’s stages – – politician denied ticket from his party -then he gets into stage of “hriday parivartan” -he suddenly realizes that he was in a wrong party, having wrong ideals and leaders all these days… -party also suddenly realizes that he was the most disturbing one… -and they keep fighting against each other Is occurrence – just precedes election It’s cure- none It’s casualty – the nation…
  4. Post General elections, kitna sannata ho gaya hain na fb pe, no political clashes, no ideological clashes. Kitna sukun hain… In the end however,we should thank AAP party for being the reason of debate, BJP for being the reason of aggression and congress for being the reason of satire… P.s. – kal se wapas sab milke government ko gali dene wale hain… Hurray,ache din ane wale hain, hum ek hone wale hain…
  5. Two important announcement from the government…
    1.  All the u-turns in the country to be renamed as kejrU-turns…
    2.  All the circles in the country to be renamed as RaGa circles… Kitna bhi bhag lo, you will reach at point zero only…
  6. Dear PM, Kindly include the following in your Swach Bharat Abhiyan – 1)
    1. Honey Singh Songs from Radio
    2. 24 hours breaking news/debate from News Channels
    3. Everyday “Exciting”, “Never Before”, “Only couple of days” sales offers from e-commerce sites
    4. Candy Crush requests from facebook.
    5. Mr. Srinivasan control from BCCI …………….Bhagwan Bhala Karega !!!! Log vote denge !!!!…
  7. Porn has been banned.. Maybe that is why they are not running parliament these days !!!!!
  8. Because of my above post on comparing porn with current status of parliament, I was asked what do I find common between them??? My answer –  in both the scenarios, when two or more parties enter into their arena, audience gets excited and watch them with lots of expectation. There is lot of activity, but none of them is actually productive. At the end it’s up to audience ( common man) to decide how to take their state of affairs forward !!!!
  9. In our country,you don’t need your studies to be on track for jobs and better career… It only matters, whether your parents have sat on the TRACKS or not for reserving your seats !!!!! #stop #reservations
  10. Indian cricket board egoistic president free from all charges, A drunkard bollywood hero punishment suspended, a shrewd businessman out on bail and a philthy rich politician acquitted…Looks like it completes the list of category of people who rule INDIA !!!!! JAI HO !!!!

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