Movie Review – Pyar ka Punchnama 2

The sequel  of pyar ka punchama, is like the 2nd generation operated AC restaurant of any popular highway dhaba. While it tries to retain its menu, taste and specialties,more often than not,the warmth and simplicity gets lost in the translation.Food still remain the center stage but now more glamorous interiors, polished waiters and global cuisine are webbed around it. While you like the showbaji, you also end up missing the
tadka fry smell of open kitchen !!!!

Similarly, In the movie, “Punches” still rule and make you literally jump off your seat,but  story and characters seems to be only there so that it can be presented as a movie and not as comedy show.Goa changes to Krabi, small flats makes way for huge huge flats, jeep is chucked in favour of self owned cars and small clothes are replaced by smaller ones .While you like the glamorous portrayal, you will still miss the trio’s friendship of first part !!!!

Just see the movie with your group of friends ,for the punches and for the love of first part. You will not come disappointed !!!


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