Movie Review – Main aur Charles

Main Aur Charles – Watching this movie is like eating chinese in a posh restaurant of  a five star hotel – glamorous ambience, lively furnishings , shining chopsticks and bland food…yes authentic..but still bland, which a fan of real indian “karchi tod” chinese will surely not like..

Movie runs on same lines, glamorous models running around with no rhyme and reason, lively sensual scenes without relevance, and authentic but bland acting of the protagonisdownloadt played by Randeep Hooda..Yes his accent is  like a french guy who would have spoken english or hindi, but jab samjh hi nahi aye to kya khak karenge !!!. Richa Chadda ends up only shouting and there are so many side characters that remembering them is as difficult as eating with chopsticks !!!

Don’t waste your money and time on movie based on the serial killer, You will feel like you have been robbed and killed !!!!!


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