The “F” Word

There is one such issue on which every person always wishes to speak, write, share and discuss.This is that topic on which I have been thinking to write something for many years.In idealistic situation, I should have completed this article 3 years back, but real life has its own limitations.I have thought about it many times, scribbled a lot on paper, played a lot with Pen while pondering over but never was able to write much. I had nothing much interesting to do today, no cricket match on TV, late sitting in office or party time with friends. So I thought – Let’s just do it !!! Let’s write this series !!!

What is this “F” word which I am about to write??

Neither It’s about Food which as most of the people think is always on my mind (and they are correct) nor it’s about being Fat which most people have on mind when they see me (and they are still correct). Neither It’s about Friends which these days means only Facebook nor It’s about Facebook which practically these days means Friends. Neither It’s about the sacred four letter word “F**k” which reality TV use on non-stop basis  to increase TRPs nor it’s about Fakeness which in reality help TV channels grow on non-stop basis. Neither It’s about Faith which is the most misused word used by politicians who act as if they are advertisers of hope nor its about Feminism which is the most abused word used by advertisers who act as if they are politicians.

So what is this series all about ??

If you have Failed to guess till now, you are on the right track.Yes the series I am gonna write is about Failures 

Why Failure ?

Failure plays an important role in everybody’s life and it  has played an important role in my life too.To use a cliche, each failure has strengthened me, given me a new lesson,a new perspective and helped me out in facing similar or rather bigger situation in life.I believe, my stories can help people who take failure too seriously.

Why Now ?

When every super successful person preaches about early failure in his/her life, most of us common folks treat it as a show off, and repeat a statement in our head ” yahan tak pahunch gaya hain to ab kuch bhi bol sakta hain“. So currently I am not Freaking rich, not at all Famous, do not have a Fan following, and therefore I still have that right to preach as a common man.

So what will this series have ?

It will contain my failures (sometimes very small ones),what lessons I learned from them and how I have applied it my life. By the closure of the series, I want to leave with the message “In the end it doesn’t even matter”.Let’s see , in this series about failure, how successfully I can convey my thoughts.

Hope you guys will follow and share the series (and maybe someday share your failures too )

Naman Shrimal


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