Movie review – Dilwale

First of all it’s not review of a movie, it’s review of collection of some stupid scenes without story line, display of wallpaper songs without need, exhibition of emotions which produces inverse results and mix of  desperate yesteryears & annoying future of Bollywood !!!!!!

Movie is like a fondant wala cake, shining, glowing and looking yummy from far far away… However once that fondant ( big banner, super stars) is ripped apart, you will find a cake base of stale sponge (srk- kajol) which is preserved, decorated i.e. photoshoped to look fresh. It’s the brainchild of chef’s arrogance, who believes that whatever he will bake will sell like hot cake. The only cherry are PJs which give some comic respite, but who eat cakes only because of cherries ???

So even if you have faltu time and extra money, don’t spend on this cake. Relish the daal bati churma instead !!!!


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