Finding “Self”

Crazzyy as it might sound or seem but recently have been looking for myself. Have you seen me?? No ?? not yet??

Having a career is what all want, some get settled with the line everyone else in the world follow and others create their own line. Am happy to say am creating my own line!!

For some its difficult to share their failures and for me its the same too. We feel if others can do it why can’t we? Funny as it seems, we always keep on comparing ourselves with others. As the famous quote by einstein says

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Today, even if i become a CA after clearing my one last pending final CA group i still feel i wouldn’t be able to do justice with it and i know it wont make me happy in the long run.

After becoming an HR manager i totally feel happy with my work. Feels like am made for it. Only thing that distracts me now is my “PASSION”. Yes, am a very very creative person but i don’t wish to be a “master of all and jack of none”. I love recreating from waste ( as i hate waste being wasted) and i love hairstyling. Woww, confused further !!

No one trust you or believe you if you keep hoping from one thing to other. In order to  specialise in something you have to stick to one thing.


After a conversation with a friend i had a bit of clarity. Its as follows:-

Online basis – HR Manager ( So that if nothing works out at least this has worked for me already)

Part time basis – Enjoy making hair accessories, hairstyling and recycle waste at home.                                        Take workshops, blog, vlog on youtube, open an institute, sell hair                                                 accessories, put up exhibitions, etc.

Its only when i do it, i will know what i want to carry on through out my life. In short, am on a voyage to discover myself. I think we all are, isn’t it??

Friends join me on this journey of self discovery and lets see it together where it takes me. Till then keep reading. Leave your comments below to share your story. Lets grow together. Thanks for reading.



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