Gift box made out of waste wedding cards

Heyya guys am back !! This time i have come up with a gift box recycled out of waste wedding cards. I hate wasting such beautiful papers coming from the wedding cards.

So, here we go:

You need:-

Cello Tape – 1
Cutter / Scissors – 1
Fevicol – 1 (Glue)
Scale, Eraser & Pencil – 1


  1. Decide a colour theme and choose similar colors wedding cards. Here as shown below red and golden theme is taken.


  2. Now take a card that has similar looking both sides and take one side as the base and other as the top to cover the box. [ as shown in pic in point (1) ]

  3. Create a box without lid as shown in pics below by joining written side on the outer of the box and plain as inner side of the box. As shown in pics below four white sheets are joint to make the box with cello tape, staplers and fevicol. ( To help you make the same, here’s the link through which i learnt the same.   )

  4. After the open lid box is made i covered it with a red sheet.

  5. Stick the box made above to the base and join the lid with a thick joiner. Decorate it in your style. Here as shown in the pic below, a pop up card is added to customize and wooden letter of the initials of the person being gifted is taken.




    Tell me what you can make from waste wedding cards beside gift box, pen stands, mobile stands, greeting cards, envelopes, table organisers,etc. and if you have made some please do share your work with me, i would love to learn from you. Hope this idea was helpful and you enjoied the work. Thank you.


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