That one women behind you!

Love u didi :*

nmrt84's Blog

This is my first day of blogging and I dedicate this to my that one lady of inspiration who has always made me grow in my every moment with her.

For you that one women maybe anyone – A mother, A friend, A wife. But for me, its my younger sister who has always inspired me to grow with her.

I do not know how I would have felt when she was born then I was very young. But as we grew together, I assumed my responsibility as elder sister – she was my first live doll, my first maths student (though I was a very bad teacher)……….I never wanted to share my clothes with her which she was so fond of and I had no choice but to surrender before her EVERYTIME!

I assumed my responsibility protecting her, bullying her, which she funnily alowed me to. I did not…

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