About Us

MONIKA SHRIMAL – HR Manager by profession. Writer,blogger and dancer by choice. As a person i am very creative and i love to express my feelings whether through dance or through words. So here i am, finding my way through words to express articulately. Come along with us on this journey to dream, believe, express, learn and grow.

NAMAN SHRIMAL – A movie buff, avid reader, ultimate foodie, mad critic, passionate corporate trainer and off course also a practicing Chartered Accountant specializing in International Tax and Risk Management.



6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Monika, just want to say Hi ! This is Terrie, the Hong Kong girl that sat next to you on the flight from Mumbai to Jaipur earlier this month!

    Wish you a Happy Christmas and a new year that fills with adventures !


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      1. Hi Monika, great hearing from you ! I am on my way from Delhi to Jaipur now. Suddenly thought of you then check your blog and see your message 🙂


  2. Monika ur blog was absolutly inspiring ! I always look forward to your sayings.. Learning a lot from a dynamic person lyk u.. Keep up the spirit.. Keep blogging! Goodluck

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